Mattabesett Trail Part 2

Brooks Hill Rd to Aircraft Rd in Middletown- 4.7 miles and finished in 2.5 hours

Today we did the 2nd section of the Mattabesett, called Bear Hill. The trail starts at Brooks Rd in Middletown. We parked at Reservoir 2 again, and walked up the hill a short distance. There are two signs that mark state property on the left. The Trail is directly across from the second sign. The blue blazes become evident once you cross a street and enter the Katchen Coley Mountain Laurel Preserve. (Fun fact: you can park here to pick up the trail, we are just a little neurotic and want to do it all.) This section ends at Aircraft Rd. There is a small blue sign on the side of the road marking the trail.

The blue blazes are well marked. Two marked trees have tipped over but were still clear to follow. One thing towards the end (almost at Aircraft Road), the trail comes to an intersection and the tree at the end indicates to go left— don’t. You go right here, down a small rock scramble that is clearly marked with blue blazes.

Things we appreciated about this trail:

The Mountain Laurel cloaked trails, aka Witches Trails, (definitely need to go again in June when these are in bloom), little lagoons, open rock faces, more quartz, little waterfalls, ice crystals, icicles for viewing and eating pleasures, lots of views, and red pines. Again we liked the variety of terrain and its switchbacks and how well it was marked.

Adventurers include: Jes, Jean, Claire, Dana, Bryan, Doggo and Arrow.